#1 – stolenlyric.com launches today!

song: no substitute love
artist: estelle

an idea i’ve been playing around with for a few years finally found a home on the web today!

say “hello” to stolenlyric.com, a place where sound and vision unite… make babies… break hearts… and try to save us all from ourselves.

(all images are created as 12.5″  x  12.5″  giclee prints designed to fit in a standard record frame.)




8 responses to “#1 – stolenlyric.com launches today!

  1. i am absolutely in love with everything about this site, and love the mind behind it.

  2. great images and song choices. really looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Oh boy howdy do I love this site. Beautiful pics, lyrics, everything!!!

  4. Wow. This is breathtaking. Very inspired. The juxtaposition of the stunning photos with the heartfelt lyrics is just a true work of art.

    Thanks for sharing !

  5. Hey I stumbled on this site under the photography category and I must say
    this is simply amazing.This is something that is constantly running in my mind also which are music and photography.
    I was very inspired by your work! Your pictures are the type of pictures I vision in my head but fail to translate on my camera.
    Keep these coming!
    You also have a very very good music selection. I made a playlist with all the music you have posted.
    I enjoy it very much!


  6. Best website ever ❤

  7. I love your blog concept.. I love the pictures, I love the lyrics.. Amazing~! 🙂

  8. I love this cite! It’s so inspirational and beautiful! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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